Monday, 18 April 2016


What to wear?? It is the frequent question, girls usually ask to themselves. We are surrounded with occasions, parties and different events. Almost daily we got to worry about our get-up for one party or the other. Being a female it is desired to have classy look with eye-capturing attire. presents to you with such a large variety of ethnic wears that you can choose suitable outfit any time for any occasion with ease. The costumes we provide are generally easy to carry, inspired by the latest fashion, made out of quality materials and given in much complimentary price. You can buy Bollywood Lehenga, Saree, Anarkali, Dresses and much more.

The website is working for years in direction of making shopping easy and wonderful. We will never disappoint you in terms of delivery timing and charges. In addition, you will get the designs and structure exact same as you will select. 

Saturday, 13 February 2016


Bollywood fashion trend, it is something all female minds most fantasized for. As per general human nature everyone wants to look fabulous. Especially, our beautiful women are more concerned towards their looks. Whenever we see a famous actress Vidya Balan or Sonakshi sinha wrapped up in long length graceful cloth, our heart skips a bit. Unfortunately, when we go through the prices, we leave the thought with dropped jaw or twisted lips. But, gone are the days, when these things were out of range. Now, you can get the same piece, exact design, in a much lower price with friendship to your pocket.

Although, many western costumes have come up, which no doubt enhance the glamour of ladies .Yet saree has its own classic place. Almost every fashion designer tries to experiment his/her ideas with saree. Still it is the prior favourite item among all aged group females. It is the most sensuous and appealing attire of women's body. Its elegance and charm is just irresistible. It goes perfect in all occasions, be it wedding parties or small get together gatherings. It times to convert your imaginative world in reality. 

You can also have same or might be more attractive appearance of Bollywood fashion. Prices of everything are increasing very rapidly. In today's scenario dreams and wishes are considered as a descent bubble, popped up for a couple of seconds and destroyed by a slight distraction. Yet, as far as, your fashion is concerned we are trying to bring your virtual wishes into reality. 

Not real though but replica Bollywood saree is at your doorstep. Just one simple click and it's yours. Latest trends, colours, creative designs everything you could ever fantasize. We are here to make much easier the complicated discussions on Bollywood saree. Yes, you no longer need to argue with your hubby for the expensive Bollywood saree, neither to rush here and there in search of suitable, right thing. Select a piece of your choice , according to bucks you can afford , and you will have it in your hand really soon. Your Bollywood styled saree will surely steal all the amazing compliments. Quickly choose the item and don't lose this chance to be the fashion queen of every party. Enjoy.

Friday, 5 September 2014

FatKar Reviews: The Ultimate Saree Store

Welcome aboard to the little style haven! If you’ve been searching high and low for that perfect Indian traditional wear to complete your Indian attire, then FatKart is the place where you will find it all.

Every Indian woman needs ethnic-wear to make her wardrobe feel full and complete. What to better way to make this happen than to invest in some of finest luxuries that is available only on FatKart. It is one of India’s leading online shopping websites which mainly deals with women’s Indian ethnic-wear. never fails to impress with its ever increasing collection of women’s wear. also makes online shopping fun and a lot easier and comfortable.

The traditional women’s wear collection comprises sarees, lehengas, anarkali suits and kurta/kurtis. This is further categorized into various selections to make your search easy. It has the largest inventory that categorizes into Bridal Sarees, Ethnic Sarees, Printed Sarees and Lehenga Sarees. Then there is a collection inspired by Bollywood clothing which comprises Bollywood Sarees, Bollywood Anarkali Suits and Bollywood Lehengas. This is the most sought-after collection in this website because of the fresh vibe that it gives. All the latest looks seen on popular B-town actresses make their way into the tremendous collection.

Talking about the quality of the products, FatKart never fails to deliver the best in the market and in best prices! It allows you to buy Bollywood sarees, Lehengas and anarkali suits online at amazing prices. So leave your inhibitions aside and log on to for all the goodness. 

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Bollywood Saree Fashion

Bollywood has successfully marked its foray into the fashion arena. There are trends and then there are “Bollywood trends”. Think of your outfit being big and out-of-the-box and the word Bollywood just pops up in the mind. Bollywood trend features grand, exquisite and magnificent clothing line that has been catching fancy of one and all.

It is true that a well put movie inspires and encourages the audiences to take all those fashion risks. It is important to keep in mind your own personal taste while choosing an outfit but it is also completely all right to take inspiration from our favorite movie! A personal touch to your Bollywood inspired outfit is what it needs to keep it grand and understated at the same time. The babes in B-town know they are the ultimate trend-setters and they have an eye on us style-seekers. That certain outfit Kareena or Katrina wore in their respective movies won’t look over-the-top when you get it on because you know it’s got the approval from everyone and you can wear it with elan! 

The very “Indian” saree has been put on a global map, and the whole credit goes to Bollywood. It’s been quite a while since Bollywood started to experiment with new looks with sarees and has been exhibiting it in a lot of movies in recent times. Saree is a versatile piece of clothing which can be styled in various ways for various occasions. Many saree designers tell us different ways how you can drape a simple saree and manage to make heads turn. When it comes to newer styles and fads, Bollywood has effortlessly fused traditional silhouettes to form new and fun runway hits making it a craze and an instant hit among a hell lot of people. One of the greatest fusions has given rise to a new vogue, that is, the lehenga saree. It is the fresh twist given to the old and traditional way of draping the saree. The look has been popularized by famous and much loved actresses of B-town such as Madhuri Dixit, Shilpa Shetty, Kareena Kappor, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and a lot more.

Bollywood has time and again shown us that sarees are an important part of a woman and are a wardrobe staple. They’ve been all around – be it on the screen or off it or at red carpet events at home and on international platforms as well. Sarees, which were considered a requisite for weddings, have come a long way since then and have made their way to formal events, offices and boardroom meetings. It is quite evident the humble saree, in today’s times, is a must-have in one’s wardrobe!!

The huge Bollywood Collection at comprises a great deal of different silhouttte, art and designs that have been made famous by Bollywood. This includes Bollywood sarees, Bollywood Lehengas, Bollywood Anarkalis and dresses. Browse through an extensive range and buy Bollywood sarees, lehengas, anarkalis and dresses at great deals and discounts only on

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Buy Attractive Attire with Online Clothes Shopping

We all love to dress up nicely during Diwali festival. On this festival of lights, we will dress up in attractive fashionable clothing, mostly, which are traditional only. During this time, clothes are also gifted to our loved ones or our friends. Clothes and accessories make a very good gift for Diwali. You can buy gifts online in India from the popular fashion websites at affordable rates. During festive season, to attract a large number of shoppers, the websites also provide various offers, gift coupons and deals, which can help you to save money as well.
You can easily visit the websites and do the online clothing shopping. There are a large number of clothing options ranging from casual to traditional and formal. You can look at these, therefore deciding the best attire to be gifted to your loved ones. It is the time when you can impress your spouse with your shopping skills. Buy him or her their favorite attire in their favorite color.
In case, they already have the attire for the festive season, buy them fashionable accessories to go with it. From footwear to jewelry to handbags and cuff links, popular fashion clothing websites have them all. You can save money from the endless deals and discount coupons on this Diwali season. In addition, you can send gifts all around India. Buy gifts online India and send them to your favorite friend, relative, or client right on time at affordable cost. Enjoy shopping and have fun in your new attire.

Send Online Gifts in India to Save Money

Diwali is round the corner with all its bright colorful lights and joyful feelings. Every Indian loves this festival of lights where even the adults can enjoy like a child with all those gifts and crackers around. During this festival, sending and receiving the gifts is a major part. On the other hand, with the increasing inflation, the cost of the gifts is also on the rise. However, there is an opportunity to send gifts without spending a lot on them. Online gifts in India are becoming very popular now and on the last days of this festival when you do to have much time to shop around or to discover different options it is the right solution.

Popular online shopping websites are providing great deals for the festive season. During Diwali, you can obtain great products and gifting ideas at affordable cost and discounted deals. How about buy one gets one and save 30% on the next product with purchase of one. These are just some sample deals, which are currently running on the online shopping websites like You can go there, take a look at the different products and buy them in bulk therefore saving lots on the discounted deals. On the shopping of the online innerwear, shopping as well you can get affordable options.

Apart from there is another option of sending the gifts wrapped in gifting paper directly to your relatives and the clients, therefore saving on the dispatch as well.  Get started with online gifts in India to buy them at reasonable cost and send gifts on time. 

Surprise Your Loved One with Online Innerwear Shopping

During festive season, anniversaries or any other occasions, becomes more perfect with the right gift. Several people are born with the inner talent to choose the right gift conveniently, however others have to work a little harder to get one. Buying gifts for women is as easy as it is difficult. You have a wide range to select from but picking the one of her choice is never an easy task, especially when you do not know them much. Buying the latest makeup products or the new dress or getting them the latest footwear collection, it can be really confusing. However, there is one thing that will never fail while gifting and that is the innerwear. Innerwear are sensual and romantic sort of gifts, thus making them perfect to be gifted to your loved one. You can get them from online innerwear shopping websites or the popular fashion clothing websites at affordable rate. Continue Reading....