Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Bollywood Saree Fashion

Bollywood has successfully marked its foray into the fashion arena. There are trends and then there are “Bollywood trends”. Think of your outfit being big and out-of-the-box and the word Bollywood just pops up in the mind. Bollywood trend features grand, exquisite and magnificent clothing line that has been catching fancy of one and all.

It is true that a well put movie inspires and encourages the audiences to take all those fashion risks. It is important to keep in mind your own personal taste while choosing an outfit but it is also completely all right to take inspiration from our favorite movie! A personal touch to your Bollywood inspired outfit is what it needs to keep it grand and understated at the same time. The babes in B-town know they are the ultimate trend-setters and they have an eye on us style-seekers. That certain outfit Kareena or Katrina wore in their respective movies won’t look over-the-top when you get it on because you know it’s got the approval from everyone and you can wear it with elan! 

The very “Indian” saree has been put on a global map, and the whole credit goes to Bollywood. It’s been quite a while since Bollywood started to experiment with new looks with sarees and has been exhibiting it in a lot of movies in recent times. Saree is a versatile piece of clothing which can be styled in various ways for various occasions. Many saree designers tell us different ways how you can drape a simple saree and manage to make heads turn. When it comes to newer styles and fads, Bollywood has effortlessly fused traditional silhouettes to form new and fun runway hits making it a craze and an instant hit among a hell lot of people. One of the greatest fusions has given rise to a new vogue, that is, the lehenga saree. It is the fresh twist given to the old and traditional way of draping the saree. The look has been popularized by famous and much loved actresses of B-town such as Madhuri Dixit, Shilpa Shetty, Kareena Kappor, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra and a lot more.

Bollywood has time and again shown us that sarees are an important part of a woman and are a wardrobe staple. They’ve been all around – be it on the screen or off it or at red carpet events at home and on international platforms as well. Sarees, which were considered a requisite for weddings, have come a long way since then and have made their way to formal events, offices and boardroom meetings. It is quite evident the humble saree, in today’s times, is a must-have in one’s wardrobe!!

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